Pottery & Ceramics Supply

Art Central is currently the agent of AMACO pottery products & equipment. We are an exciting resource for potters, sculptors, ceramicists and clay artists. We carry a wide range of beautiful clay bodies (low fire thru cone 10), glazes, under- and overglazes, hand tools, brushes, sponges, kilns and potters wheels, pyrometric cones, a wide selection of ceramic raw materials, and much more.

Art Central also strives to make it easier for people to become involved in ceramics, and to learn to appreciate it as an art form. We hope to make it easier for experienced potters to meet each other, and to help those new to the field. And, we hope that by providing everyone easy access to the tools they need, they can focus on the creative and practical aspects of making ceramics.

Need to set up your own pottery & ceramics studio?

Art Central can provide you with an A-Z guide to set up your own Pottery Studio. Your consultation package can be custom made to suit your budget, space and goals. This service is available for schools, colleges, univiersities, & individuals throughout the UAE.

Art Central’s consultation includes a range of services from design & layout, specification of equipment and bisque selection, product display and serving education, party packages, kiln maintenance, training health & safety and much more!

For more information on our consultation packages you can contact us at info@artcentral.ae or call us at 0562017970