This workshop can be a mix of those who have no experience in pottery to those who have more experience, which encourages a cooperative learning environment. The classes are adjusted according to the learning needs of the students. Beginners will learn at their own pace. They will get an introduction to hand building techniques as well as making pottery on the wheel. If the student has more experience, the instructor will help them build on what they already know and give them options for learning choices. We limit the number of students in a class so that each student will have more one-on-one session the instructor.

Course level: Beginners, Intermediate
Instructor: Kailey Vandeyar
Price: AED 850; Additional AED 50 per kilo of clay will be charged during the workshop. This will include bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing.
To book, email us at info@artcentral.ae or call us at 056-2017970.