Art Central is an exciting resource for potters, sculptors, ceramicists and clay artists. We carry a wide range of beautiful clay bodies (low fire thru cone 10), glazes, under- and overglazes, hand tools, brushes, sponges, kilns and potters wheels, pyrometric cones, a wide selection of ceramic raw materials, and much more.

Glazes & Underglazes

Finish your work with ceramic glazes or underglazes: gloss or matte, detailed draftsmanship, fluid and easy, high or low fire. Art central has the right glaze for your potter’s need.


Amaco® and Brent® potter’s wheels accommodate the needs of the potter, and small or large ceramic art departments. Also, AMACO’s EXCEL® round kilns are some of the best in the market.



From potters clay bodies, to children’s clays, to modeling/sculpture clays, AMACO® boasts a wide variety of Art and Craft products.


Choose from a wide range of premium hardwood and other tools to give your piece the desired shape. Apply Amaco glazes and underglazes with one of our superior quality brushes in several styles and sizes.