From potters clay bodies, to children’s clays, to modeling/sculpture clays, AMACO® boasts a wide variety of Art and Craft products.

Low Fire Clay

We manufacture Low Fire AP labeled ceramic clays in a variety of formulas for classroom and studio use. Please read the details for each AMACO clay to determine which is most suitable for sculpture, wheel throwing, or multi-purpose. Our glazes are specifically formulated to give excellent results on AMACO clays. Each glaze has a different effect, depending on the clay body you select. (Firing other brands of glazes on our clays will offer successful results as well but may vary in appearance.).


White Art Clay No. 25

White Art Clay is an extremely plastic low fire clay that is ideal for wheelthrowing, handbuilding, and modeling. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for all skill levels. AMACO® glazes maturing at Cone 05 and decorating colors are recommended for decoration

AP (Approved Product) seal in moist form
CL (Caution Label) seal for safety in dry form
Fires white – allows opaque and transparent glazes and underglazes to retain their true color and brilliance
Wider firing range – from Cone 04 to Cone 3
Resists crazing – low moisture expansion

Shrinkage: Cone 04, 6.3%
Absorption: Cone 04, 13.7%.

Slab Rollers

Create beautiful and consistent slabs every time. Brent slab rollers save your energy, back, and time! Slab rollers are great for the serious slab builder!

-Assembled dimensions: 40″w x 51″l x 40″h (height is with optional leg assembly)
-Portable table model becomes a floor model with optional leg set.
-All welded steel construction.
-Opposing rollers to produce even, single pass slabs.
-Canvas workboards and mats included.


The brent® manual clay extruder makes thousands of different solid or hollow shapes: tubes, bars, tiles, slabs — the possibilities are endless.

Construction is heavy-duty steel pipe with wear and stress points case-hardened to withstand all production applications. The barrel is 4 inches wide and holds 10 pounds of clay. An easy-to-remove end cap holds the die you choose. Pull the handle and use the extrusion for twists and braids, moldings, handles, cups or coils.

This clay extruder comes with the hardware needed to be bolted to a wall or bench and a 3-piece plastic die set with selector. An optional stand can be purchased to attach it to the end of brent® SR-14, SR-20 and SR-36 slab rollers (Click here to see “Slab Roller Mounting Stands”).

Can also be used with the optional anodized aluminum Standard Die Set or the Hollow Die Set.